Our Story

Prevail Electric is the next step towards affordable evolution. Each variant has been created by combining a traditional scootering experience with a futuristic approach to smartness.

Started operating in the Indian market in 2019, FRVelion is parent to Prevail Electric. The company has an astonishing record of 50 years in the lubricant industry. While the management has a strong pool of foundation to create market and customer-specific products, the team is dedicated to delivering quality with aesthetic features and looks. With a stronghold in PAN India, FRVelion's foremost priority is customer satisfaction. That is why Prevail Electric is an engineering vehicle to help you find the most convenient and budget-friendly riding experience.


Mr. Hemant Bhatt (CEO)

Coming from an Engineering and Management background, Mr. Bhatt has a diversified experience of 10+ years in Sales & Marketing. He has helped to build two start-ups (BizolGrenvo and FRVelion) from scratch and made them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In the recent past, Mr. Bhatt has even achieved 200% sales growth because he always prioritizes the customer need and meets their demand with quality products.

Mr. HarkitatKalra (Sr. Mgr. Marketing)

Mr. Kalra is another name behind the success of FRVelion today. He has always been one of the strongest pillars who thrived towards surpassing the growth and profit bars of the organization. The reason behind his astonishing performance is the intention and attitude he possesses. With that said Mr. Kalraalso has a strong pool of experience across various industries. Some of them include the Automotive, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail industry.


What's Next?

We are soon going to launch scooters with high-speed variants and vehicles that can be driven with the help of cleaner sources of energy such as solar power. Our team is also aiming to introduce and launch charging stations to make people less dependent on conventional and high-priced fuels.



Prevailelectric is thriving towards using the most efficient and renewable sources of energy to run vehicles. With that said, our team is driven by passion, innovation, quality, and integrity to deliver optimum results. We believe that renewable and cleaner sources of energy are going to be the 'new normal.' That is why we are committed to offering unique products with exceptional value to our customers.